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I Run For Unbakeables

I love to run. If you told me in high school that those words would have come out of my mouth, I would’ve laughed at you.  I love the feeling of pushing yourself faster and further. I am by no means a fast runner, I’m also not the slowest, but that’s not why I do it. Yes, I’m competitive, so of course that is an aspect of my running, but I’m not in it to win the races, I just can’t. In fact, if I had to choose speed or distance, I would say distance every time. I can build up my stamina and have run multiple marathons and countless halves. Honestly, I would say the same thing about the business as well. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  We do things for the long term and not just the here and now. In fact, while on my runs, I am usually texting or emailing people. [I know I need to have boundaries, but eh, I’m far from perfect.]


The one thing I will say is that I do not let the weather change my running outside. I run in the heat, the rain, the snow, the cold, hail, sometimes the extreme cold will get to me, but I like to run in it all. You might call me crazy, and you might think I’m extreme, either way, just please don’t hit me while I’m running, and realize that yes, I know I’m crazy. Going out for a run can be like starting a business, you never know what it’s going to throw at you, but you always have to keep going. Regardless of any condition, I love it, I love the nature around me, I love the alone time, I love the ability to be alone with my thoughts and, let’s be real, I have a lot of them. I just think that it means mother nature and I are that much closer, although she still doesn’t pick up my calls; I might have to start emailing her for my weather requests.


During these unprecedented times we are now living in, running is still my escape. It gets me out of my house and makes me less stir crazy. Just like everything else, we’ve needed to adapt. I can no longer go on runs with my friends in person, so we do virtual runs. We literally set up calendar invites to make running dates like we used to do, they are just over the phone and in different locations.


But just like always, I run for unbakeables!


From our kitchen to yours….

Stay sweet,


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