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What are Unbakeables

Unbakeables are an original handmade frozen dessert, best described as ready to eat cookie dough treats.  Unbakeables are sold in packages of 3, 5, and 10.  They are all natural, egg-free and ready to eat directly from your freezer!  Perfect for anyone who eats the cookie dough before it ever got to the oven! Young, old, and everyone in between.  Handmade with love here in Connecticut. 

Who are Unbakebales For?

Perfect Family Treat

Are you worried about your family getting sick from raw egg?  Unbakeables are the answer, egg free, and ready to eat while laughing together!

Family Set

Great Gift

Are you in need a new creative gift to bring to a gathering?  Bring unbakeables, it's your answer to all your problems!  They are also great gift for your next event.

Perfect Gift

Share with Friends

Need something to smile about, other than just seeing your friends again?  Grab a tube of unbakeables and try them out together!  We recommend getting a few flavors to try!

Order One for You and a Friend