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What are Unbakeables?

Due to the Holiday Post Office Delays, my package arrived late and warm, what should I do?

Send us an email at and we will work together to figure out a solution.

I am just outside your delivery zone, do you have a place to pick up unbakeables?

Thank you for supporting local businesses.  Send us an email at or call us at 203.454.2818 and we can figure out a place to meet you!

Are unbakeables nut/dairy/gluten free?

Each unbakeables flavor has a specific allergen statement.  Visit our Nutritional Facts Page for more information.

Are there any eggs in unbakeables?

NO!  There are no eggs of any kind in unbakeables!

How big are unbakeables?

Unbakeables are cylindrical in shape, and are about an inch and a half in diameter and just under an inch high.  (Can you tell Corey was a math teacher?). They are about the size of a flatten golf ball. Age 4 child, for reference.

When are unbakeables shipped?

Since unbakeables are temperature sensitive, we only ship Monday-Wednesday.  All order are shipped 1-2 day delivery.

Where can unbakeables be shipped?

unbakeables can be shipped nationally to the contiguous 48 states.  Unfortunately we are unable to ship unbakeables to Alaska, Hawaii, and P.O. boxes.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are reviewed and determined on a case by case basis.  Refunds are not given for loss due to incorrect addresses, acts of nature or delay in shipment.  Damages must be reported immediately – please take photos!  The shipping companies are much more likely to help us out if we provide them with pictures.

How to send unbakeables as a gift?

unbakeables are unique, delicious, fun gifts!  If you are planning to order them for another person, please let them know to watch out for the box.  You can include a custom gift message as well gift wrapping, just ask in the comments section of check out.

Why is the BOXSET discount not working?

BOXSET code is not applicable to Bulk unbakeables or monthly subscriptions.

Why can I not have a different Shipping and Billing address when paying with PayPal?

This is taken from the PayPal Express integration documentation:

As a convenience, PayPal fills out the billing address fields with the buyer’s shipping address as shown in the example figure below. The buyer can edit the information by clicking the Change links.

From Shopify:

This is a limitation of PayPal and cannot be fixed. Shopify is only able to send a single address to PayPal. For normal PayPal payments (as opposed to credit card payments) this address has to be the shipping address, as PayPal already has the billing address. There is no way for us to know ahead of time whether the customer has a PayPal account, so we can't send the billing address, such as when the customer is not paying with their PayPal account, but a credit card instead.

You can upgrade your PayPal account to resolve this issue, PayPal Website Payments Pro is a much more robust solution and is fully integrated into Shopify, so your customers never need to be transferred to PayPal when paying with a credit card. If PayPal Pro is not available in your country we suggest another payment gateway for accepting credit cards (for example Moneybookers, which supports a lot of countries worldwide) and keep PayPal Express only for PayPal payments.