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A Sweet Family Thanksgiving

For me, Thanksgiving is a time for family. As I reflect on my own family, I am reminded that families come in all different forms. Yes, there are the traditional families filled with brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, children, cousins, aunts, and uncles. However, there are so many other families to which many of us belong. There are our work families, our friend families, our support group families, our school families, our running families (Corey runs, I do not). There are countless communities that can be called a family and if we are lucky enough, we belong to a family.


The family support we have received from day one of unbakeables has been overwhelming. Some share them as gifts, others share them at work, and some serve them at parties. One of my nephews once bought a tube of unbakeables and proceeded to open up the package to share the joy of eating unbakeables with anyone he passed, starting with the cashier. Friends and family pitch in whenever they can; from helping to label to selling at busy event. Everyone welcomes helping when we are taste testing new flavors! We are so lucky to have family support!


Then there is our unbakeables family and our kitchen family, who we are with nearly every day of the week. It is so wonderful that together with them we enjoy each others company, good conversation, and sometimes quietness. We learn from each other and support each other every day.


At this time of Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for all my families.


Unbakeables have become a part of our family holiday tradition, make them part of yours, too.


From our kitchen to yours….

Stay sweet,


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