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From Education to Cookie Dough

Hi!  We are Julie and Corey Tolkin, a mother/daughter team who make and sell unbakeables…ready to eat cookie dough treats. For those not familiar with unbakebales, they are egg free and ready to eat directly from your freezer.  Delicious? Yes!  Safe? Yes!  Perfectly portioned? Yup! Fun business to be a part of?  Of Course!  We started the business about eight years ago, both having lots of knowledge in…education; and little to no background in the food/business field.  Perfect combination?  Who knows?


In 2011, Corey had just received her master’s in Secondary Education and although she LOVES teaching, obviously the natural path is to go into the cookie dough business.  Julie, a recently divorced mother of four, Corey being the second, and nursery school teacher, was ready for a new adventure.  One might think we should go into an education based business, but, instead, we decided to take a childhood treat and share it with the world.


The short story is Corey and her siblings used to eat the dough from the bowl, as many of us do, but Julie heard reports on salmonella poisoning and was worried.  Unlike most parents that would just say no, the ever creative Julie, made an egg free recipe, and paired it with her sister’s chocolate peanut butter recipe, and started making cakes!  Over the years, as her children grew older there was a desire to have more bite sized pieces.  The cakes formed into balls, and bars, and now are unbakeables!  She was known for these treats all around town.  Corey used to make them in college and they would disappear right before her eyes.  This love for cookie dough, as well as the desire to bring joy and happiness to the world, of course through food, was the epodes of starting our cookie dough company.


Starting a business has its ups and downs, but the smiles on the faces of those who taste unbakeables make all those challenges worth it.  The look of relief of the person who has had a stressful day make you know that you can help a little part of the world.  Unbakeables were not made to save the world, nor end world hunger, although we’d love to contribute to helping both those causes. They are there to make you smile, to make you take a break from your busy life to reminisce, to put a little joy in life, and most importantly it should be a judgement free zone where you can eat cookie dough and no one can yell at you, at least for that!


This blog is meant as a little insight into the world of a cookie dough entrepreneur, well two entrepreneurs!


-Julie and Corey

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