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Our Biggest Fan

Our biggest fan is my step father, Jerry, who celebrates his 96th birthday this week. I speak with him nearly every night; I am typically his last call of the day and rarely do we speak before 10 p.m. (To be fair, rarely does he wake up before 10 a.m.)

He often asks me what’s up with unbakeables and then tells me how impressed he is with Corey and me, having started the business on our own and built it into what it is today. I ask about his day and he asks how I am doing and if I am taking care of myself. (Once a parent, always a parent.) Then he likes to hear about any and all the exciting (and not so exciting) news from the business.

There is nothing like the unconditional love, care, and support of those we care about and those who care about us. I know I am lucky to have this and I know that while many others do, many do not. I treasure and love our number one fan!

Jerry lives in a wonderful assisted living facility where all the residents are currently self quarantined. The only way we can see each other these days is on a computer screen. Thank you, Zoom.  I am not complaining; nor is he. We do what we need to do and treasure our nightly viewings. The irony is that while in so many ways we are distanced from people, Jerry and I have been brought closer. With us living in different states, we did not see each other very often. I can not adequately describe the joy we both get from seeing each other every night!

As far as what is his favorite flavor of unbakeables? I don’t actually know. I would guess any flavor that I make! Which would be all of them. Right now, I think he would be happy with any flavor and would simply welcome anything handmade. I guess it is time to ship him out a care package filled with a variety of unbakeables!

Stay sweet and connected,


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