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Valentine’s Day can be polarizing…

For some, Valentine’s Day provides a wonderful reason to celebrate those you love and for you to be celebrated. For others, it can be a sadder day as you think of love lost or unrequited love. 

Because of this, I propose that Valentine’s Day be a time to celebrate and proclaim your love for yourself! I don’t mean this in a selfish or self-centered way, quite the opposite.

My mom was the most giving, loving, loved, and welcoming person I have known. She gave of herself to virtually everyone, but she also cared for herself. On more than one occasion, she would ask me to repeat the following, “After me, you come first.” Truth be told, I dutifully replied to her, “After you, I come first.” She would try again, until I got it right! It was not until years later, at her 90th birthday celebration, that I learned that my two older sisters responded as I did. Apparently, my nephew Louis was the only (or at least the first) one who had ‘passed the test’ and responded correctly!

It was her motto in life and the approach to life she wanted everyone to have.

For her, giving of herself is what fueled her; what made her happy. So, by doing for others, she did for herself. I’d like to think that aside from her curly hair, she passed along to me her strength, warmth, and her ability to take care of herself by and while taking care of others. For any of you out there reading this who are lucky enough to have known my mother (aka, Bubbie or Auntie Ella), you know exactly what I am talking about!

So, on this Valentine’s Day (in honor of my mother) I say, CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE FOR YOURSELF! Then share that love and positive outlook with others.

While you’re at it, treat yourself to your favorite unbakeables and share some unbakeables with others. I honestly don’t know what my mom’s favorite unbakeables was, I wish I did. But, whichever one is your favorite, enjoy it completely! And remember, “After me, you come first!”

Stay Sweet,


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